InNoVativE Sustainable sTart-ups for the MEDiterranean - INVESTMED


The Platform is an engagement tool to encourage community building for INVESTMED Project
developed by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA)

The Platform invites actors involved in the key economic sectors: 
green economy, blue economy and cultural and creative industries 
to encourage in networking among startups, business organisations, and investors



To support the development of sustainable entrepreneurship and business initiatives, 
by creating a backing environment and facilitating access to new markets 
with the final goal of generating increased economic opportunities and jobs for young people and women

What will be improved?

INVESTMED is expected to produce tangible and long-lasting impacts. At least 20 MSMEs targeted by the project will reach and maintain €25,000 of sales while no less than 40 job contracts will be signed by young people and women. Moreover, 4 MSMEs will access to new markets and 30 will launch new products and services.

The impact on public authorities will be ensured too, with a minimum of 10 public authority staff trained to be able to act as multipliers in their institutions, which, in turn, will support 20 recently created companies to apply for IPR protection.

Who will benefit?

  • 315 young graduates, entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs and women
  • Mediterranean start-ups/recently established enterprises 
  • Business Support Organizations
  • 10 public authorities 

Expected achievements

  • 21 sustainable business management training events
  • 42 business ideas developed by young entrepreneurs
  • €105,000 of risk capital raised for 21 young entrepreneurs
  • 16 creative initiatives supported
  • 1 support scheme tailored to the needs of MSMEs/start-ups with youth/women in managerial positions 
  • 3 Business Support Organisations supported to establish long-term incubation and acceleration services 
  • 3  IPR consultation and review meetings held in order to support Intellectual Property offices and organisations to undertake IPR law and regulation reviews in the participating countries
  • 5 specific trainings on IPR management held

Contribution to policy making

Advocacy sessions and frequent consultations with policy-makers will ensure that they are aware of the impact of INVESTMED’s results with a view to discuss future policy orientations. Besides, Business Support Organizations, financially supported by the project, are expected to operate on the long-term considering that the grant is only an initial incentive. Their experience will be transferred to other stakeholders via the cross-landing scheme and local business events. The project will have a positive impact on policy development for IPR protection. A specific set of activities of the project is dedicated to train public authorities on IPR, converting the trained staff into multipliers within their organizations.